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CID arrests three suspects over online scam



The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) revealed information about an organised racket operated by three suspects who deceive the people posting online advertisements in order to steal money from their bank accounts.

The Computer Crime Investigation Division of the CID has already arrested the three persons involved in this racket in Kandy yesterday (16).

The suspects aged between 25 and 30 are residents of Kandy, Talatuoya and Medawachchiya.

A senior CID officer has told the Dinamina newspaper that these suspects call the phone numbers mentioned in online advertisements from phone numbers registered under others.

“They request the seller not to sell the item mentioned in that ad to anyone else. They plead with the seller and say they will deposit a little amount right away and the rest of the money will be paid in a few days. These people speak in such a way that the advertiser develops sympathy towards the caller and builds trust. Finally, after the advertiser expressed his interest in selling the product to these people, they ask for a bank account number in order to transfer money online. After transferring a little amount, these people talk to the advertiser to check if they have received. At the same time, they say that there is a code number and if possible to let them know what it is. Those who do not understand what this number is, give it right away. What happens is that these people use that number to access the account of the advertiser and get the money credited to another bank account,” he said.

The officer urged the public never to handover the password or the OTP number they receive from the bank to anyone else.

Investigations have revealed that all the three suspects arrested in Kandy are heavily addicted to drugs.

One suspect checks ads on social media sites and other websites and makes calls to the advertisers.

The other suspect sneaks into the advertiser’s accounts through the OTP number, steals the money and transfers it to another account.

The third suspect withdraws the money credited to the other account using an ATM card.

It has been revealed that they have infiltrated 80 bank accounts and stolen more than Rs.6 million.

The Computer Crime Investigation Division has received 20 complaints regarding such frauds.

The suspects have been arrested following a complaint filed by a Marawila resident who got caught in this fraud. He had posted an advertisement on a website to sell a generator.

The suspects have stolen Rs. 1.8 million from the victim.


Accomplice of ’’Kudu Salindu’’ arrested




A suspect running the drug network of the main shooter of “Kudu Salindu” has been arrested, the Special Task force said today (March 25).

Officers of STF organized Crime III had conducted a raid on the Panadura-Horana road where a 33 year old man was in possession of 10kg of cannabis and Rs. 100,000 was arrested.

The suspect had been transporting it on a motorbike in the guise of a food delivery.

The suspect was revealed to be the person who handled the drug network in Panadura and the financial affairs of the main shooter of Underworld mobster Kudu Salindu, “Beliatta Rana”, who is currently in Dubai.

In the past three years, the STF has seized 217kg 328g of heroin, 47kg 47g of ice, 4722kg of Cannabis, 70461 illegal drugs and 11023 drugs pills have been seized.

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Mississippi tornado kills 26 and brings devastation to US state




Search and rescue efforts are continuing in Mississippi after a deadly tornado hit the US state.

At least 25 people have died in the state, and one in Alabama, with dozens more left injured by Friday’s tornado.

The storms devastated several rural towns, with Rolling Fork in western Sharkey County almost completely wiped out.

Mississippi state governor Tate Reeves has declared a state of emergency to help respond to the damage.

US President Joe Biden also described the images coming out of Mississippi as “heartbreaking”, and said the federal government would “do everything we can to help”.

“We will be there as long as it takes. We will work together to deliver the support you need to recover,” he said in a statement.

More storms are predicted to hit parts of Alabama and Georgia early on Sunday and potentially bring large hail.

The storm system which ripped through Mississippi produced a tornado that has caused catastrophic damage to communities across the state. The biggest twister obliterated dozens of buildings in several small towns, flipping cars on their sides and toppling power lines.

The small town of Rolling Fork, located in Sharkey County in western Mississippi, has essentially been wiped out, according to its mayor.

“My city is gone,” Mayor Eldridge Walker told CNN. “But we’re resilient and we’re going to come back.”

He added that lots of families in his community were “affected and hurting”, and all he could see was “devastation”.

Rolling Fork residents said windows were blown out of the back of their homes.

Local resident Brandy Showah told CNN: “I’ve never seen anything like this… This was a very great small town, and now it’s gone.”

Drone footage of Rolling Fork, shared with the BBC, shows the devastation inflicted on the town. Trucks and trees are shown piled on top of buildings, with detritus scattered over large areas.

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Government has no plans to dismantle CSD – Sagala




The Government has no intention of dissolving the Civil Service Department (CSD), Senior Adviser to the President on National Security and Chief of the Presidential Staff Sagala Ratnayake said.

He stated that the Civil Service Department was approved as a depreciable service according to the 2015 Cabinet paper, but that period has now lapsed, President’s media Division (PMD) said.

Ratnayake noted that the members of the Civil Service Department are allowed to request a service extension beyond the age of 55, enabling them to serve for up to 60 years.

He emphasized that there have been no alterations to these policies and that there are no plans to modify them in the future.

He made these statements while participating in an appreciation ceremony held yesterday (24) afternoon at the headquarters of the Civil Service Department in Katubedda, Moratuwa, to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of the officers of the Civil Service Department.

During the ceremony, which was chaired by the Minister of State for Defence Premita Bandara Tennakoon, the contributions of the Civil Service Department in service to the country were recognized and appreciated.

During his visit, Mr. Ratnayake also interacted with the members of the Civil Service Department, inquiring about their work and engaging in friendly conversation.

The Director General of the Civil Service Department, Major General Ranjith Kalkahewege (Retired), presented a commemorative gift to both Sagala Ratnayake and the Minister of State for Defence, Premita Bandara Tennakoon, to mark the occasion.

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