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CID arrests three suspects over online scam



The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) revealed information about an organised racket operated by three suspects who deceive the people posting online advertisements in order to steal money from their bank accounts.

The Computer Crime Investigation Division of the CID has already arrested the three persons involved in this racket in Kandy yesterday (16).

The suspects aged between 25 and 30 are residents of Kandy, Talatuoya and Medawachchiya.

A senior CID officer has told the Dinamina newspaper that these suspects call the phone numbers mentioned in online advertisements from phone numbers registered under others.

“They request the seller not to sell the item mentioned in that ad to anyone else. They plead with the seller and say they will deposit a little amount right away and the rest of the money will be paid in a few days. These people speak in such a way that the advertiser develops sympathy towards the caller and builds trust. Finally, after the advertiser expressed his interest in selling the product to these people, they ask for a bank account number in order to transfer money online. After transferring a little amount, these people talk to the advertiser to check if they have received. At the same time, they say that there is a code number and if possible to let them know what it is. Those who do not understand what this number is, give it right away. What happens is that these people use that number to access the account of the advertiser and get the money credited to another bank account,” he said.

The officer urged the public never to handover the password or the OTP number they receive from the bank to anyone else.

Investigations have revealed that all the three suspects arrested in Kandy are heavily addicted to drugs.

One suspect checks ads on social media sites and other websites and makes calls to the advertisers.

The other suspect sneaks into the advertiser’s accounts through the OTP number, steals the money and transfers it to another account.

The third suspect withdraws the money credited to the other account using an ATM card.

It has been revealed that they have infiltrated 80 bank accounts and stolen more than Rs.6 million.

The Computer Crime Investigation Division has received 20 complaints regarding such frauds.

The suspects have been arrested following a complaint filed by a Marawila resident who got caught in this fraud. He had posted an advertisement on a website to sell a generator.

The suspects have stolen Rs. 1.8 million from the victim.


E-water bills from next month




The National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) has taken steps to issue water bills electronically from October 1st to several areas.

This e-billing service will be implemented in four selected areas of Colombo-South, Kandy-South, Polonnaruwa and Trincomalee.

Meanwhile, 326,124 telephone numbers have been registered in relation to 344,697 new water supply connections.

The NWSDB said that this system is proposed to be implemented in all regions of Sri Lanka from January next year.

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Cabinet approves to table 2024 Budget in Parliament




The Cabinet approval has been received to table the Appropriation Bill for the fiscal year 2024 to Parliament, it was reported.

The approval was received in the Cabinet meeting held on July 31, 2023 to prepare the Appropriation Bill for 2024.

Accordingly, the Attorney General’s clearance has been received for the Appropriation Bill, which has been prepared by the Legal Draftsman.

The Cabinet has approved the proposal presented by President Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Minister of Finance to publish the Bill in a Gazette and then submit it to Parliament for approval.

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Four including ex-journalist arrested from Manna Ramesh’s gang




Four members of underworld leader Manna Ramesh’s gang were arrested on Sunday (24) in connection with the shooting at Talduwa, Avissawella in which two youths were killed and two others were injured.

Police said a journalist who worked in electronic and print media was also among the suspects who were arrested while hiding in Homagama and Pitipana areas by a special police team.

Investigations revealed that three of the four suspects are addicted to drugs.

Police said that the shooting was carried out in retaliation to the brutal attack on Manna Ramesh’s brother in Talduwa about 6 months ago.

The suspects were arrested on charges of sheltering, aiding and abetting the two underworld members who carried out the double murder.

A senior police officer said the arrested journalist has maintained close relations with Manna Ramesh for a long time and he had even been paid a salary.

He said the journalist, who was in close contact with high-ranking police officers, had obtained various information and given it to Manna Ramesh.

It was revealed that this journalist has also provided information about the whereabouts of the murdered youths.

The person who provided shelter to the assailants is also among the arrested suspects.

Manna Ramesh is currently hiding in Dubai, UAE and it was revealed that he is collecting ransom from rich businessmen in many areas including in Ratnapura and Avissawella.

The police special task force and three special police teams are conducting investigations to arrest the underworld members who committed the double murder in Talduwa.

Four youths who were on their way to a funeral in Talduwa in a three-wheeler were recently attacked by members of Manna Ramesh’s gang. Two youths were killed while two others were seriously injured and hospitalized.

Investigations are being conducted under the supervision of Sabaragamuwa Province Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Sanjeeva Dharmaratne, Kegalle Deputy Inspector General of Police Roshan Rajapakshe and Senior Superintendent of Police Jayasiri Kodithuwakku.


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