Cinnamon Lakeside in a hot soup: court case for 30Mn



Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, which previously pleaded guilty in the presence of Maligakanda Chief Magistrate Lochani Abeywickrema, to serving a soup seasoned with moldy white pepper, is being slapped with another court case demanding a compensation of Rs. 30 Mn. 

The case has been filed by Mohamed Niyas Mohamed Nijas of Ragama, who had fallen sick after having the soup that was not fit for human consumption.

A Letter of Demand that has been sent to the hotel by Attorney-At-Law M. G. Krishantha Seneratne on 20 May has not received a response, prompting a case to be filed in this regard. 

Previously, on Feb. 09, the Food and Beverages manager at the hotel had pleaded guilty before the Maligakanda Magistrates Court and the hotel was fined Rs. 5,000. 

Samples of the soup were directed to the PHI after a couple complained of the quality of the soup that was served at ‘The Dining Room’ restaurant on Jan. 02. 

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