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Confidential letter sent to President on OnmaxDT scam



The President has reportedly received a confidential letter from a resident in Kandy, which cites that a sum of Rs. 05 million has been given to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) and the CID to sweep the infamous OnmaxDT pyramid scam, under the rug.

The resident, a one E.G. Perera from the Yatinuwara area in Kandy, has also requested to direct copies of the letter to CBSL governor, the Attorney General and the DIG heading the CID.

The letter states that a person named ‘Mahanuwara Kasun’ has handed over the aforementioned money to the CBSL and the CID through a one ‘Priyantha Boteju’ of the Rajagiriya area.

Meanwhile, it is also alleged that 3 OnmaxDT Directors including Saranga Randika Jayatissa have given a sum of Rs. 60 million to a son of a minister.

The letter also points out that Mr. Jayatissa is able to provide further details on ‘Priyantha Boteju’ while a certain Director of OnmaxDT has already left the country.

The letter also raises doubts as to why the Directors of OnmaxDT, (namely Kahandawa Arachchilahe Athula Indika Sampath, Sinhala Pedige Gayashan Abeyratne, Lenduwage Sampath Sandaruwan, Galabada Vidhana Arachchilage  Saranga Randika Jayatissa and Mallawa Appuhamilage Dhananjaya Jayan), are not arrested over charges of committing a fraud of Rs. 32,000 million.

MPs involved?

Meanwhile, speaking in Parliament today (20), State Minister of Tourism – Diana Gamage has stated that certain Parliamentarians are also embroiled in the OnmaxDT pyramid scam.

The state minister said that while relevant bank accounts with Rs. 3000 million have already been frozen, a staggering Rs. 30,000 million has been siphoned out of the country through this scam.

Noting that the investigations of the CID and the Attorney General’s Department have been slow, the State Minister said that OnmaxDT has collected Rs. 2,920 million from the public, even after being banned.

The aforementioned letter and a clip of the State Minister’s speech in Parliament are as follows : 

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Investigations launched into alleged Rs. 8 billion fraud in trading community scheme




The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka have initiated separate investigations into a suspected fraud where a man and his wife are alleged to have defrauded approximately Rs. 8 billion from around 22,000 individuals across the country. 

The fraudulent scheme, reminiscent of a pyramid scheme, involved promises of establishing a trading community and acquiring dollars for the country through the distribution of educational packages.

Complaints received by the CID and the Central Bank indicate that approximately 22,000 people fell victim to this fraud. 

The suspect, who started a business school and a company in the Kurunegala area, claimed that investments would be made in a company in the United Arab Emirates, and the commission received would be distributed to the investors. 

Preliminary investigations have uncovered the use of fake documents to deceive individuals into believing that the business school and the company were registered.

Investors reportedly invested amounts ranging from one to 1.5 million rupees, with some not receiving any benefits. 

Both the CID and the Central Bank are actively pursuing the investigation to apprehend the individuals responsible for the alleged Rs. 8 billion fraud.

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SLPP MP temporarily ordained as monk




SLPP Kandy District MP – Gunatileke Rajapaksa has been temporarily ordained as a Buddhist monk at the historical Isipathanarama Temple in India.

He is now known as Ven. Harispathuwe Dhammarathana Thera.
His son – Sandakelum Rajapaksa, who is an engineer by profession, has also been ordained as Ven. Ampare Dhammaloka Thera.

The MP had reportedly decided to enter into the religious order after the recent death of his wife. He too, was recently hospitalised after falling ill.

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Court delays ruling on Online Safety Act challenge




The Sri Lankan Supreme Court today indefinitely postponed its decision on whether to hear a fundamental rights petition challenging the Online SafetyAct No. 9 of 2024.

President’s Counsel and Jaffna District Member of Parliament M A Sumanthiran filed a fundamental rights application in the Supreme Court on 14th Feb., challenging the Speaker’s certification of the Online Safety Bill as having been enacted into law.

During the hearing, Attorney General Sanjay Rajaratnam presented five preliminary objections, arguing that the court lacks jurisdiction to hear the case since the Speaker has already signed the bill into law. 

He further emphasized that the legislature holds the sole authority to pass bills, and the court cannot intervene in that process.

Countering these arguments, Attorney-at-Law Suren Fernando, representing Sumanthiran, asserted that the petition aimed solely at the Speaker’s signing of the Act, which he claimed contravened previous Supreme Court pronouncements on related petitions. 

He emphasized the petitioner’s intention to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

The three-judge bench, comprising Justices Priyantha Jayawardene, Shiran Gunaratne, and Achala Vengappuli, decided to postpone their decision on hearing the petition indefinitely. 

In his Petition, MP Sumanthiran claims that the government was seeking to enact the Bill without fully adhering the Supreme Court Determination, and that he had pointed out that the draft committee stage amendments would not sufficiently rectify the shortcomings, and provided his concerns in writing to the Speaker.

However, the Parliament had voted on the Bill prior to ensuring full compliance with the Determination, according to Sumanthiran.

The Petitioner claims that the Bill could have been passed by simple majority only if all the changes required by the Supreme Court were incorporated. If these were not incorporated, the Bill could only have been enacted if 2/3 of the whole number of MPs voted in favour of the Bill.

MP Sumanthiran states that the Bill was approved only by a simple majority of members present, and that therefore the Bill could not have become law.

Therefore he states that the Speaker, by certifying that the Bill was enacted into law, has violated the public trust and the fundamental rights guaranteed to Sumanthiran and the citizenry.

Sumanthiran also states that according to the Speaker, he had acted in accordance with advise given by the Attorney General, and if so, the Attorney General is also responsible for the violation of fundamental rights occasioned by the purported certification of the Bill.

The Speaker of Parliament and the Attorney General are named as Respondents to the Application.

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