Cops kneel in court in apology



Three police officers from the Narahenpita police station knelt down and apologized in the Supreme Court to a citizen they had wrongfully arrested in 2017.

The Police Officers are a Police Sergeant, and two Police Constables.

Godwin Perera, the victim, was traveling to a private hospital when he witnessed a garbage collector involved in an accident. 

Despite not being involved, Perera was detained by the officers and held in a police cell.

Aggrieved by this unlawful arrest, Perera filed a fundamental rights petition in the Supreme Court.

The case came before a bench of Judges Vijith K Malalgoda, Achala Vengappuli, and Arjuna Obeysekera yesterday to inquire about a settlement agreement reached between the parties. 

During the proceedings, Justice Malalgoda warned the officers against repeating such actions and emphasized the potential for significant compensation had the case not been settled, considering Perera’s age.

Following the judge’s admonishment, all three police officers individually approached Perera, knelt down, and sought forgiveness. 

(News 1st)


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