Court order to unearth root of ‘Pandukaranda’ tree



The Gampaha Additional Magistrate – Fathima Hasana has issued an order to the relevant officials to unearth the buried root of the much-disputed ‘Pandukaranda’ (Crudia zeylanica) tree, which was recently uprooted to proceed with the construction of the Central Expressway.

The Chairman of the Organization to Protect Archeological Artifacts, Ven. Udasgiriya Samitha Thero had requested the Gampaha Magistrate’s Court to unearth the uprooted tree, which is said to have been buried.

Taking up the case today (24), the Additional Magistrate ordered Forest officials to reveal where the tree was buried and unearth the root on July 28, and to send it to a suitable location for conservation, following the identification process of the plant root by a related official from the botanical gardens.

The Additional Magistrate also ordered to take up the case again on August 24 and police protection is to be provided to the location of the buried tree until then.

(Source : Aruna)


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