CPC spends one-third to look into fuel stations!



One-third of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s (CPC) funds is spent on the monitoring process to check whether the fuel is being distributed to fuel stations in a proper manner and on the maintenance of the officials who are inspecting this process, it is learnt.

The annual report of CPC revealed that out of the total cost of Rs.45 billion, Rs.17 billion was spent on the sales division.

Rs.14 billion has been spent on the employees and other maintenance expenses of the head office of the sales division.

Nine regional sales offices located in nine provinces and the lubricants division, the work division and the tar division also come under the sales division.

According to the report, nearly 350 employees are employed in all these sectors. However, it was reported that Lanka IOC PLC has less than 15 employees to do the same amount of work.


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