Customs Suspends “Door to Door” Goods Distribution System



Sri Lanka Customs has taken immediate action to temporarily suspend the “Door to Door” system, a method through which various goods are delivered directly to homes.

The “Do to Do” system, widely used by foreign individuals to send goods to Sri Lanka, involved private freight transport agencies delivering items directly to recipients’ homes.

 The decision to halt this delivery method comes after reports of continuous public complaints and information regarding various illegal activities associated with the system.

Sri Lanka Customs disclosed that in the past three days alone, approximately 20 kilograms of drugs were illicitly brought into the country through the “Door to Door” goods and services delivery system. 

While the suspension is immediate, Sri Lanka Customs has announced plans to reintroduce the “Door to Door” goods supply system next year, contingent upon the implementation of a comprehensive reform program addressing the issues at hand.

However, President of the United Travel Cargo Service Providers Association, Panduka Ratnayake, argues that this decision will have severe repercussions for various stakeholders, including private transport companies operating in this field.


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