Dearth of Yellow fever & Meningitis vaccines inconvenience Lankans



Reports say that Sri Lankans traveling abroad are seriously inconvenienced due to the fact that the Ministry of Health has run out of vaccine stocks for Yellow fever and Meningitis.

Speaking at a media briefing yesterday (29), Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa, President of the Medical and Civil Rights Professional Association (MCPA) said that there is a risk of Yellow Fever being spread since these vaccines have not been available at the Borella Medical Research Institute’s International Health Unit for several months now.

He pointed out that according to  international health regulations of the World Health Organization, it is the responsibility of member countries to vaccinate in order to prevent Yellow fever.
The violation of international regulations by the Sri Lankan government in this manner is a serious matter as there is a risk of Yellow fever being spread when Sri Lankans go abroad and return, he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health – Dr. G. Wijesuriya has said that the prevalent situation has arisen due to the failure of the contracted supplier to provide vaccinations for Yellow fever.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health has said that there is also a dearth of immunization vaccines for Meningitis required for visitors travelling to the Middle East region.It is reported that the relevant vaccines have been ordered and will be received in the island within the next week.


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