Dhammika to be next SLPP presidential candidate?



Well-known businessman and MP Dhammika Perera would be the next presidential candidate of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), several social media reports said.

These reports are being circulated when the President is out of the country.  The President, who is in the US, will return on September 21.

The SLPP has resumed its political campaign by broadcasting advertisements on TV channels and on social media platforms.

It was reported that Dhammika’s name has been proposed since a political party which has received his financial aid in the past has begun severely criticizing the SLPP.

Mr. Perera is also regarded as a casino mogul in Sri Lanka.

Presidential candidate’s associate’s wife promotes Dhammika

Meanwhile, it was reported that the campaign to promote Mr. Perera has been taken over by the wife of an associate of another businessman who is preparing to run as a candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

They played a key role in the campaign of former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa during the election.

It was also reported that she is a leading figure in a media company of a brother of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

A political orphan

Dhammika Perera was brought into politics by businessman Dilith Jayaweera. It is said that when Dhammika was brought into politics, he was first promised to be given the position of finance minister, then to nominate him as prime minister and then to make him a presidential candidate.

It is now an open secret that Dilith helped Dhammika get a National List MP position as well as an appointment as the Investment Promotion Minister.

Dhammika has today become a political orphan with Dilith also gearing up to become a presidential candidate.

Ranil & Basil hold discussion

Meanwhile, a special discussion was held between President Wickremesinghe and SLPP founder Basil Rajapaksa recently where there were crucial talks regarding the upcoming elections.

During the meeting, it has been discussed about holding the General Elections earlier.

Mr. Rajapaksa has briefed the President about the results of a survey conducted at the district level about expected results of a general election.

He has explained in detail about the result if they face the general election together as an alliance and the result if they contest as individual parties.

A final decision has not been taken whether the general election or the presidential election will be held first, but it is said that a decision has been taken to hold the election with better advantage first.

Accordingly, unconfirmed sources said that one of the two main elections will be announced by next March.


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