Did Prof. Niranjan resign due to pressure over ID Tender?



It is reported that Prof. Niranjan D. Gunawardena has decided to resign from the position of Secretary at the Ministry of Technology.

It is said that he has decided to resign amid pressure to award a National Identity Card Digitalization Tender to the Indian company – Madras Security Printers.

However, according to internal sources at the Presidential Secretariat, he has been asked to choose one among the many important positions he holds in state entities.

In addition to the aforementioned position, Prof. Gunawardena also holds powers of the chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. He was also appointed Vice Chancellor of Moratuwa University recently.

Prof. Gunawardena has said he has decided to resign from the ministry secretary position as he was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of the Moratuwa University.


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