Doctor wanted for importing jeep worth Rs.80mn during ban



The officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Task Force in Walana seized a luxury jeep worth over Rs.80 million which was illegally imported to Sri Lanka and obtained registration certificates from the Motor Traffic Department based on fake documents.

The vehicle was seized while it was being taken to sell in Kurunegala yesterday (12).

Investigations revealed that a famous doctor based in Colombo has illegally imported the luxury jeep and a millionaire businessman residing in Kurunegala has arranged to sell the jeep.

Police have launched investigations to arrest the doctor and the Kurunegala millionaire businessman who forged documents and imported the jeep.

According to the information received by the Director of the Central Anti-Corruption Task Force, Assistant Superintendent of Police Udaya Kumara, a group of officers under the leadership of its SOIC Chief Inspector Indika Weerasinghe were able to seize this jeep following an investigation conducted for almost a month.

It has been revealed that the jeep was imported in 2020 when the import of vehicles was banned.

It was revealed that even the Customs officials were misled when the jeep was imported.


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