Don’t take the law into your own hands – Tiran



Sri Lanka’s Public Security Minister Tiran Alles has urged the public not to fall prey to hateful sentiments and take the law into their own hands.

In a statement issued today (22), the minister says that if anyone attempts to take the law into their own hands or aid and abets to create such a situation, strict legal measures will be taken against them, irrespective of their position or status.

Minister Alles has said that attention has been drawn to an incident where a public representative on Sunday (20) made an irresponsible statement in the estate area, angering the community.

The statement adds the aforementioned public representative had said that one must counter-attack against violence for self-defense, and if the government and law do not protect them, it is the right of the people to do so.

The Public Security Minister appealed to the general public, including those from the estates, to not fall prey to such hateful sentiments made by those with the aim to secure votes, and refrain from taking the law into their own hands.


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