Dubai bound delayed flight returns due to technical fault



The SriLankan Airlines flight (UL 225) which left for Dubai after a delay of 15 hours has landed again at the Katunayake airport this morning after experiencing a technical fault.

The flight was scheduled to depart for Dubai at 06.25 pm yesterday (07) but had left only at 09.30a.m today (08), after a delay of 15 hours.

However, after one hour and 10 minutes, at 10.40 am the flight landed again at the Katunayake airport.

By that time, this plane had traveled close to India. Airport sources said the chief pilot of the plane had informed the Katunayake Airport that the front windscreen of the plane had cracked.

Therefore, the pilot turned his plane back to the airport without proceeding any further.

At the time there were 189 passengers and 15 crew members in this plane.

The passengers of the flight are scheduled to depart from Katunayake Airport to Dubai on an alternate flight this evening, airport sources further said. 



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