Dubious move to grant 140 new bus permits



A hidden deal worth millions of rupees is behind the move to grant 140 new bus permits, All Ceylon Private Bus Owners Association General Secretary Anjana Priyanjith said.

Speaking at a news briefing held in Narahenpita yesterday, he said that they would launch a nationwide bus strike if steps are taken to grant 140 permits to private buses.

Mr. Priyanjith said that about 1,000 buses refrain from operating daily without schedules, and despite this, the granting of new permits poses a serious threat to the private bus owners.

He said that passengers can be provided with a hassle-free transportation facility by utilising the existing buses according to a joint schedule.

“If they withdraw the attempt to offer permits to 140 new buses, there is a possibility of reducing the bus fare by 10 percent. All bus associations agree to this,” he said.


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