Elephant that entered Kandakadu Army Farm found killed



An elephant was buried after it was shot or electrocuted two days ago in the area belonging to the Kandakadu Army Farm in Polonnaruwa, wildlife officials of Somawathiya said.

Somawathiya Site Assistant C.A.Wanasinghe said that a part of the elephant’s body has been buried, and the remaining part was covered with soil and leaves.

Mr. Wanasinghe said the place where the wild elephant was buried was found on the morning of the fifth based on the information received from a person.

It is suspected that the elephant may have been killed by shooting or electrocution and then it has been buried and covered with branches and various leaves.

Mr. Wanasinghe said that the body of the elephant will be exhumed and the post-mortem examination will be carried out by the Giritale Wildlife Veterinarians after reporting the facts to the Polonnaruwa Magistrate.

Source – Aruna


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