Elephants run amok in Kandy; spectators jump into lake (Video)



A tense situation arose after several elephants went on a rampage during the second Kumbal Perahera of the Kandy Esala Perahera last night (22).

Several people fell into the Kandy Lake following the unrest when the people tried to run away. They were rescued by the officers of the police life-saving unit.

A woman who was injured in the incident was admitted to the Kandy National Hospital.

An elephant in the Kataragama Devala procession had run amok distressing two elephants in front of the Vishnu Devala procession. The two elephants had run towards the lake. Some of the people who were watching the Perahera from near the lake had jumped into the lake and some of them had fallen in.

Later, the three elephants were brought under control by the veterinarians and mahouts.

It was said that the incident had no effect on the procession route.

However, there is a saying that elephants on rampage is a bad omen for politics.


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