Employee arrested for breaking into Indian Visa Centre!



Five suspects, including an employee, were arrested for breaking into the visa center at Philip Gunawardena Mawatha, Thummulla which was attached to the Indian High Commission last evening (21). 

They suspects have stolen a laptop, a DVR recorder and a camera.

Police said the arrested employee is a 63-year-old janitor.

The suspect has informed her 54-year-old boyfriend that an amount of Rs.3-4 million is collected daily at the office. Accordingly, the boyfriend has deployed another friend of his to commit the robbery.

This friend had visited the office in the morning of February 14 along with three other suspects in a three-wheeler. Two suspects entered the office through a window while one suspect was on the lookout.

The suspects have been searching for money in the three-storied building but since they could not open the safe, they have stolen the chief officer’s laptop, a DVR recorder and a camera.

Subsequently, the police have looked into about 100 CCTV footage obtained from cameras along the road and arrested one suspect in Kirulapone.

According to the information revealed by him, the police said that the other three suspects and the suspect employee were arrested.

Police found the laptop and the camera from the houses of two suspects, while the DVR recorder was found in a canal in the Kirulapana area.

The suspects are residents of Kirulapone and Wellawatta.

Due to this break-in, the visa center was closed for five days from February 15 and it was reopened on the 20th.


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