Enjoining order against Dharshana Handungoda extended



The Colombo District Court today (10) extended an enjoining order previously issued against YouTuber Dharshana Handungoda preventing him from uploading and circulating further the defamatory videos on an Additional Solicitor General and a Senior State Counsel of the Attorney General’s Department.

Colombo Chief District Court Judge Purnima Paranagama made this order when the case was taken up in court today.

President’s Counsel Maithri Gunaratne, who appeared for the respondent Handungoda, stated in the court that particular report was published by his client for the purpose of making the public aware and requested that they be given a date to present the facts in this regard.

Accordingly, the court ordered the relevant case to be taken up again on the 24th and ordered that the injunction order issued be extended until that date.

After considering the submissions made by President’s Counsel Kuvera de Zoysa who appeared on behalf of the plaintiffs, the Court earlier issued the enjoining order against the defendant preventing him from further circulating the said defamatory video.


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