Enrollment for Grade one, A/L only done by schools: Ministry



The Education Ministry announced today that the admission of children to grade one is done only by the respective schools and not through the Ministry.

When applying for A/L studies based on the 2022 Ordinary Level (OL) results, students from schools without an Advanced Level subject stream, should send their application forms to the relevant school. The ministry said those applications should not be forwarded to the ministry.

Admission to intermediate classes in 2022 for the third term of this year has been halted as of December 5.

The admission of students for intermediate classes in the year 2023 will be done by considering the applications forwarded to the schools based on the vacancies available in the schools after the end of the third school term of the year 2022 on March 24, 2023, the Ministry said.

At present, only circulars issued by the Education Ministry are being dealt with in this manner, they said.



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