Ethimale OIC arrested for supplying cannabis to Monaragala SSP



Ethimale Police OIC Sanjaya Dharmadasa was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) last night (12) on charges of supplying the cannabis stock found hidden at the residence of former Monaragala SSP Sisira Kumara.  

The Police Media Division earlier announced that Monaragala SSP has been interdicted with immediate effect by the Inspector General of Police following approval by the National Police Commission.

Ethimale OIC was arrested following the interrogation of former Monaragala SSP detained at the Passara Police Station.

On January 8, the STF seized 23 kilos of dry cannabis hidden in the ceiling of the house of the arrested SSP.

A group of police officers of the Ethimale Police raided a cannabis cultivation in Kabilitta on January 6, and the former SSP has ordered a part of the raided cannabis stock be delivered to him in a police jeep belonging to Ethimale Police.

The Ethimale OIC, who was arrested by CID, is scheduled to be produced in the court today (13).

Meanwhile, police sources said the CID will soon arrest another police OIC in Monaragala for aiding the former SSP in treasure hunting activities.



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