Fee based tuition in Uva, banned from today



Fee-based tutoring classes conducted for children in Grades 1 – 5 in primary schools in the Uva Province by teachers after school hours on weekends or holidays are completely banned from today (22).

The Provincial Education Ministry has the Provincial Education Director, Regional Education Directors and Principals in writing the banning of conducting such classes, through Circular number 02/2023.

The Ministry has decided to take disciplinary action against teachers who do not comply with the provisions and has also taken steps to deploy investigation teams.

The decision was taken due to complaints by the Uva Province Governor and the Ministry claiming that school teachers ignore the children in the school classrooms who did not attend their extra classes.

“The children as well as their parents have suffered psychological distress and financial hardships due to various pressures and mental pressures,” the Governor said.

Accordingly, on the instructions of Uva Province Governor A.J.M. Muzammil, Provincial Education Secretary Gamini Mahindapala Jopias has taken a decision to ban the classes to give every child in the province the basic right to quality education in schools.



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