Female murdered in hotel room in Bandarawela



A female has been murdered inside a hotel in the Bandarawela area.

Police say that evidence of an assault as well as a poisoning could be observed.

The deceased is said to be a 40-year old from the Atampitiya area.

She had been brought to the hotel this morning (24) by another hotel guest, a 50-year old man who is a resident of the Gonawala area in Kelaniya.  He had arrived at the hotel the night before (23).

The man had left the hotel in a hurry which had raised suspicions and staff who had opened his room had found the dead body.

Police have also found a letter in the room, which is thought to be written by the suspect.

Bandarawela police are conducting further investigations to arrest the suspect.

(Source : Aruna)


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