Fish population in shallow seas decreased: NARA



The fish population in the country’s shallow seas has decreased due to over-fishing by fishermen for decades, the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) said

A research conducted by the NARA revealed that the fish population in shallow sea areas has decreased by about 50%.

The area up to 24 km from the coast is considered as shallow sea.

The NARA said that about 80% of the fishing vessels in the country harvest fish resources in the shallow sea areas.

However, Socio Economics & Marketing Research Division Head K.H.M.L. Amaralal said there is no shortage of fish in the sea areas from 24 to 200 kilometers as well as in the exclusive economic zone and international sea areas.

He said that there is the possibility of harvesting abundant fish by expanding the fishing activities in these areas and that fishermen should focus more on this.



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