Sports Minister’s nephew behind assault of fmr. SPMC chairman (Update)



It is learnt that a group of people including Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe’s elder brother’s son (Stephan) had assaulted Dr. Sayuru Samarasundera, a former Chairman of State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC).

Dr. Samarasundera said he was attacked by Stephan and the group when he went to inquire about an incident of several government-owned vehicles blocking the entrance towards the “Eden Garden” housing complex in Hokandara where Dr. Samarasundera resides.

He was injured in the attack and is currently undergoing treatment at the Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital.

According to hospital sources, he suffered injuries to the head and was bleeding profusely when he was brought to the hospital.

Sports Minister Ranasinghe is currently abroad.

No one involved in the attack had been arrested so far.

It wasn’t Roshan’s brother: Media Secretary

Earlier, the media including us had reported that the brother of the Sports minister was involved in this attack. We regret any inconvenience our previous news may have caused to Minister Ranasinghe’s elder brother.

Issuing a statement, Minister Ranasinghe’s Media Secretary has said the minister’s brother was not involved in assaulting former SPMC Chairman Samarasundera.

Minister Ranasinghe has two brothers and one of them is in Japan and the other one is in England and therefore, neither were involved in this incident, the statement clarifies.

The statement also notes that the minister had inquired into the incident and it was found that the person in question had been assaulted after he had attempted to forcefully enter a house while under the influence of liquor. It adds that he had also been quite violent at the time of hospital admission as well.


(Previous News : June 27, 2023 12.35am)

Fmr. SPMC chairman assaulted by Sports Minister’s brother!

Former chairman of the State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation – Dr Sayuru Samarasundara has been brutally assaulted by several persons including the elder brother of Sports Minister – Roshan Ranasinghe.

Dr. Samarasundara says that he was assaulted when he had gone to inquire about several state owned vehicles being parked in an obstructive manner near his residence in Hokandara.

Following the assault, a severely bleeding Dr. Samarasundara has been rushed to the Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital and is currently being treated at the ICU.

The Police are yet to make any arrests.

Sports Minister – Roshan Ranasinghe is currently overseas.


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