Foreign firms to handle air traffic control in SL?



The Ports, Shipping and Aviation Ministry sources said that there is a shortage of air traffic controllers in the country.

Although there should be 150 air traffic controllers in Sri Lanka, the country only has 80 of them.

Due to the shortage of air traffic controllers, the airspace service for the aircraft passing through Sri Lanka will have to be handed over to other countries.

In view of the current situation, only aircraft arriving and departing Sri Lanka are being controlled and international aircraft control activities have been suspended.

It was reported that air traffic controllers have left Sri Lanka due to higher salaries and other allowances offered by other countries.

Sri Lanka will lose an amount of 25,000 US Dollars if air traffic control duties were given to another country.

If restrictions are imposed regarding the violation of international air traffic control laws, aircraft flying towards India and Australia over Sri Lanka may also be entitled to control the aircraft over Sri Lanka.

(Ada Derana)


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