Freddy Gamage honoured in Timor – Leste (Pics)



Prominent civil activist and media personnel in Sri Lanka – Mr. Freddy Gamage has been presented with a Medal of Honour by the President of Timor – Leste, Mr. Ramos Horta.

The medal was awarded at a state ceremony held today (Nov. 27) in the Capital city of Dili.

Along with 12 others, Mr. Gamage was presented with a Medal of Honor as a tribute to his staunch support extended during Timor – Leste’s struggle for independence. An active member of the Asia Pacific solidarity Coalition (APSOC), Mr. Gamage joined the cause as a civil activist and media personnel from a foreign country at that time.

Mr. Gamage is the founder of the ‘Meepura’ website as well as the President of the Professional Web Journalists’ Association (PWJA).

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Civil activist Freddy Gamage to be honoured in Timor – Leste


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