G.L. hints at Impeachment against President



MP of the Freedom People’s Congress – Prof. G.L. Peiris has warned of a possible impeachment motion against President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Speaking at a media briefing today (Dec. 11) Prof. Peiris has said that an impeachment can be brought forth on the grounds of the constitution being violated by the President’s arbitrary interference in the affairs of the Constitutional Council.He also emphasized that the opposition will stand united against the President’s dictatorial rule.

Pointing out that 2024 is a year of elections with the Presidential election and General Election already announced, Prof. Peiris emphasised that it is of utmost importance that the Constitutional Council is allowed to function independently during elections.

He also said that there is a reasonable doubt that the vacancy at the Election Commission is not being filled with the objective of scrapping future elections.The MP also said that there is a possibility of Sri Lanka losing the GSP+ concession due to the violation of international conventions.

He further noted that the international community has already given Sri Lanka a red light due to the implementation of the Prevention of Terrorism Act and has notified that democracy should be secured during the election period.


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