Google maps error leads drunken men to scale wall of ‘Temple Trees’



Two individuals who scaled the wall of ‘Temple Trees,’ the official residence of the Prime Minister in Colombo, have cited a Google Maps error for their presence within the highly fortified premises. 

The suspects, aged 28, claimed that they were following Google Maps directions to their rented residence on Muhandiram Road when the route ended near a large wall.

According to their confession, after having drinks at a bar in Kollupitiya, they believed their residence was on the other side of the wall and decided to scale it. 

Officers of the Prime Minister’s Security Division apprehended the individuals, subsequently handing them over to the Kollupitiya Police.

The suspects, one working as a software engineer and the other as a merchant seaman, were released on Police bail. They are scheduled to appear in court on March 14. 


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