Govt. has turned SL into an ‘auction land’: Sajith



Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa accused the government of making plans to sell even the profit-making institutions under the guise of restructuring loss-making government institutions.

Making a special statement over the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the opposition leader said the government has turned the country into an ‘auction land’.

“The government failed to get the best deal for the country and the people since it applied for an IMF programme at the last moment. It is clear that loss-making public institutions must be reformed.

“A bankrupt country has no ability to maintain loss-making institutions. However, due to the weak policies of the government led by the President, our country has become an auction land for the tycoons.

“The government is implementing the plan to sell profit-making institutions. The government should follow different models like in Singapore and Malaysia and prepare a model for our country; to increase the revenue of profitable organizations and to transform loss-making organizations into profitable organizations.”


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