Govt. land in H’tota leased for brackish water shrimp farming



Shrimp farming is one of the main commercial aquaculture practices in Sri Lanka. This has resulted in a production of 14,414 metric tonness in the year 2021 and it is aimed to increase the production to 50,000 metric tonnes by the year 2025 to earn a foreign exchange of 65500 million rupees thereby. 

However, the available land in the country that can be used for aquaculture is limited and this has become a challenge for the further expansion of commercial aquaculture. 

The National Aquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka  has taken many steps to face this challenge. 

One of them is the introduction of modern technology that can achieve high productivity in a limited space.  

Accordingly, 218 acres and 30 perches of land belonging to the government located in Ambalantota Divisional Secretariat Area of Hambantota district has been identified as suitable for Vannamei shrimp cultivation which can complete a culture cycle in a short period of time. 

As such, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the combined proposal presented by the Minister of Fisheries and Minister of Tourism and Lands to provide this land to W.S.R. Lowe & K.M.N. Aqua Services (Pvt.) Ltd. and Rainbow Foods (Pvt.) Ltd, which have been selected following the government procurement process, 109 acres and 015 perches each, on a long lease basis for a period of 30 years based on the assessment of the government assessor.


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