Grandfather of child found dead in Mulleriyawa, arrested



Police have arrested the grandfather of the 05-year-old boy whose body was found with cut injuries at a construction site in Mulleriyawa, Ada Derana reporter said.

He will be produced before the courts today (June 11), according to the reporter.

The child, who had suffered cut wounds initially believed to have been caused by the pieces of a broken glass bottle, was found dead on Thursday evening (June 08) at a construction site in the Mulleriyawa police division.

The investigators observed that the five-year-old, named Jonathan Mark Fonseka had died of excessive bleeding. Meanwhile, pieces of a broken glass bottle too were found approximately 4 feet away from the body. But this raised suspicions as the investigators could not find any blood stains between the body and the shards.

Later, a grass cutter who had been in the vicinity of the child on that day was arrested in connection with the child’s death.


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