Harak Kata’s police links revealed



Police investigations have revealed that organized crime gang leader – Nandun Chinthaka alias “Harak Kata”, who had been peddling drugs from Dubai, has maintained links with top police officials with the help of a politician based in the Southern region of Sri Lanka, reports say.

Accordingly, it is said that ‘Harak Kata’ had gifted 04 pistols and cash amounting to Rs. 20 million to a senior police officer before the latter retired recently. The officer has been in charge of a special drug raid unit.

Suspicions have now arisen whether this officer had leaked confidential information linked to the investigations on ‘Harak Kata’.

It is also said that identities of officials behind the mission to arrest and repatriate ‘Harak Kata’, have also been compromised.

It is further revealed that the aforementioned ex policemen as well as several other police officers are in the payroll of ‘Harak Kata’.
(Source – Aruna)


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