Heads to roll at leading Bank over large scale fraud 



The Criminal Investigations Department has informed the Nugegoda Magistrate’s court yesterday (12 June) that more employees of a leading bank would be arrested in connection with a large scale fraud that is currently under investigation. 

It is been conducted due to a complaint made by the head office of the related bank. 

A suspect named Chathupama Ratnayake, who is working at the Bank’s Pitakotte branch, has been arrested in this regard and was ordered to be remanded till 26 June by the Nugegoda Magistrate court yesterday (12 June). 

The suspect has allegedly used a fixed deposit of a bank customer as a lien to get loans for Rs. 6.3 Mn in total. 

She has used her husband’s, mother’s and other close relatives’ names to prepare fake documents to commit this crime. 

Editor’s note : Although the bank in question was mentioned as People’s Bank in the original article, it was later removed after the Bank later stated no such incident had taken place at their entity. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to any individual or entity in this regard.


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