Hema Jayawardena’s final rites today



Former Kalutara District Development Council member and Justice of Peace – Mr. Hema Jayawardena’s final rites will be held at 2.00pm at the family cemetery in Pelawatta today (08).

Aged 93 years at his death, he was the beloved father of Dr. Priyankara Jayawardena, Namal Jayawardena, Devika Jayawardena, Attorney-At-Law Ravi Jayawardena and Asha Jayawardema.

He was also the chairman of the Agalawatta Gam Saabha during the 70s and 80s.

In a backdrop where the leftist parties and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party opposed the move to hold a District Development Council election during the days of the J.R. Jayawardena government, a group including Hema Jayawardena took up the challenge by contesting independently in the Kalutara District.

Two members including himself from that group were elected to the Kalutara District Development Council despite the UNP and the JVP being the other contenders.


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