Heroin found from cells of Harak Kata & Kudu Salindu on 8 occasions



It has been revealed that there has been no proper investigation into the discovery of heroin on eight occasions from the cells where Harak Kata and Kudu Salindu are being detained under the strict protection of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The two drug traffickers are said to be addicted to drugs and it is suspected that some corrupt policemen who are suspected to have close relations with the two may have provided these heroin packets to them.

Sources at the police headquarters said that these heroin packets were found from time to time while hidden in the cells and toilets of the two drug dealers.

According to police sources, only the CID officers have the permission to meet these two criminals while they are being held in the cells.

It has been alleged that these two drug smugglers have given money amounting to Rs.100,000 to some CID officers.

It has now been revealed that the constable who helped Harak Kata in his plan to escape from the CID was given more than Rs.10 million and various valuable items.

Source – Divaina


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