How was Dedigama Group excluded from RAMIS?



The non-inclusion of the Dedigama Group in Maharagama to the automated tax administration process – Revenue Administration Management Information System (RAMIS), has raised questions at the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), reports say.

The matter is raised in a backdrop where a new Commissioner is to be appointed to the IRD.

The two most senior officials of the IRD – Mr. M.S.M. Sian and Mr. D.U.E. Jayawardena have applied for the post.

However, it is said that both candidates are only able to remain in the position for less than a year, before having to retire. 

It is said that the International Monetary Fund has also paid attention to this matter, and since their future plans span across a 05-year period, they are reportedly concerned of an IRD commissioner with a tenure less than an year long.

The current Commissioner General Mr. Ranjith Hapuarachchi is to retire on August 25.

Meanwhile, it is also said that one of the two applicants for the position has allegedly been involved in the aforementioned Dedigama Group being excluded from the RAMIS system.


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