I wasn’t the cause of Reginald Cooray’s death; Gevindu



Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP Gevindu Kumaratunga denied the allegation that the death of former minister Reginald Cooray was caused following an heated argument with him.

The MP said Mr. Cooray’s death occurred because he did not follow medical advice after he underwent a heart surgery.

Further commenting on the incident, he said the representatives of several parties met to appoint a convener from the Kalutara District to the newly formed Sri Lanka Freedom Alliance.

“MP Jayantha Katagoda and I participated in it on behalf of the Uththara Lanka Sabaghaya. Representing the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), Reginald Cooray and Executive Committee member Suranjith also participated. Cooray asked why the Sama Samaja Party was not represented at the party. I explained the situation and about the decision taken by the Uththara Lanka Sabaghaya. There was nothing to argue about. He tried to answer impulsively. The people who were with him told him not to be impulsive since it has been only three days since the heart surgery. Then he got up and walked out. Suranjith, who walked him out, returned and said that Cooray was taken to a private hospital due to his illness. That’s when we knew that he was sick.”

“He should know to follow the doctor’s instructions if he underwent a heart surgery. You should rest after such a surgery. He did not fall in front of me during the discussion. The people who were with him took him to the hospital only after he walked out. In any case, I am sorry about his unfortunate death,” he said.



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