Ice creams to be sold sans polythene covers at zoo!



National Zoological Gardens Director-General Tilak Premakantha said that from next month, ice creams will be sold at the Dehiwala Zoo after removing the polythene covers.

He said that the zoo will be made a polythene-free zone.

He informed that the attention has been paid to remove the polythene covers when selling biscuit packets as well.

The support of visitors is required in this regard, he said.

The matter has been discussed at the recently held Sectoral Oversight Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Sustainable Development and committee Chairman MP Ajith Mannapperuma suggested to the Director General to sell glass water bottles instead of plastic water bottles.

The Director General said that the necessary activities are being carried out in this regard as well.

He said that he will discuss this measure with the shopkeepers in the zoo and that the polythene covers that are to be removed during the sale of ice cream, be collected and handed over by the sellers to the administrative departments.


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