Indian assistance to expedite issuing of TIN



It is reported that the provision of the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) is likely to be delayed over functionality issues faced when implemented through the Revenue Administration Management Information System (RAMIS).

RAMIS was introduced to the Department of Inland Revenue to make their tax administration work more effective but it is revealed that issuing TIN for 109,000 applicants is delayed in this backdrop.

The government had initially planned to make the TIN mandatory from Jan. 01, 2024 but delays had pushed it back by a month. Then it was planned to make the TIN mandatory from April 01. However, under the current backdrop, it is likely that the delays will continue until August, reports say.

Meanwhile, it is said that a programme to issue the TIN is to be kicked off soon with the technical support of the Indian government. Under this, it is planned to install another software system outside of the RAMIS to expedite the issuing of TINs.

It is said that the Indian Government has expressed its willingness to support this project.

Accordingly, it is revealed that discussions are being held these days to prepare a software system without much cost.

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