Indian PM Modi declares election victory



Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has claimed victory in the Indian election, though his alliance is far short of the 400 seats he set out to win.

His BJP-led alliance is leading in just under 300 seats, while opposition parties are ahead in about 230.

A party or alliance that wins more than 272 seats in the 543-member parliament can form the government.

Speaking in Delhi, he thanks voters for their mandate, and vowed to end poverty.

“We have to take a lot of decisions for the future of India,” Modi said, adding: “This relationship of trust is a big strength of the democracy.”

He ended his speech by thanking voters, who he says have given his alliance the chance to serve India for a third time.

The world’s biggest election was held in seven phases over six weeks with almost a billion people registered to vote.

(Excerpts : BBC News)


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