Lankan scientist in UK honoured with OBE



In a groundbreaking recognition of his contributions to innovation technology and STEM education, Sri Lankan scientist Dr. Sabesan Sithamparanathan, the pioneer of the world’s most accurate battery-free real-time location tracking technology, has been awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the King’s 2024 New Year Honours List.

Dr. Sithamparanathan’s revolutionary RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems, boasting near 100 percent accuracy and an impressive 20-meter detection range without the need for batteries, have found applications in various sectors globally. These include deployment in several NHS trusts, major aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and blue-chip retailers.

RFID systems utilise electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and locate tags attached to objects. Dr. Sithamparanathan’s innovations have significantly surpassed industry standards, achieving over 99 percent accuracy compared to the typical 80 percent, with an extended detection range.

Born and educated in Sri Lanka, Dr. Sithamparanathan’s journey in technology began with studies in physics, mathematics, and chemistry. His pursuit of excellence led him to the UK, where he studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Sheffield on a scholarship, earning a prestigious Sir William Siemens Medal. Following this, he embarked on a remarkable career, including a stint as a student electronic engineer at tech giant ARM and eventually pursuing a PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Establishing his company, PervasID, to commercialise his innovations, Dr. Sithamparanathan seamlessly blended academia with commercial viability. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his ability to secure funding and mentorship, propelled PervasID into a multimillion-dollar global enterprise, raising over $10 million in investment.

PervasID’s technology has been transformative in various industries. Major retailers have adopted it for accurate inventory management, enhancing sales and customer satisfaction. In manufacturing, it aids in tracking supplies, preventing safety incidents in critical sectors such as aerospace. In healthcare, the technology ensures the traceability of medical devices, a crucial aspect highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic.



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