Last lunar eclipse of 2022 today



Professor Chandana Jayaratne, Director of the Astronomy and Space Science Unit of the Physics Department of the University of Colombo, said the last lunar eclipse of this year can be seen this afternoon (08).

Professor Jayaratne said that although it appears as a full lunar eclipse to other countries, it appears as a partial lunar eclipse in Sri Lanka.

“We can see the last part of it as a partial lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs at 1:32 pm. The mid-stage of the eclipse is at 4:29. The end of it is at 5:27. However, we won’t be able to see the beginning of the eclipse because the moon is below the horizon. Moonrise is visible to Sri Lanka at 5:48 pm today from the East but more towards the North. The moon will rise with the eclipse from 5.48 to 6.19 for about 31 minutes. If we look at the eastern horizon, we will be able to see the partial lunar eclipse,” he said.

(Ada Derana)


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