Lawyer’s son arrested for selling drugs!



The Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) has arrested two Customs officials for allegedly selling drugs the day before yesterday (10).

After questioning a Customs inspector who was arrested near the main entrance of the Colombo Port with eleven drug stamps, the second Customs inspector, who is said to be the main suspect, was arrested with one gram and 210 milligrams of cocaine and two grams and 160 milligrams of kush.

The investigative team said that the father of the arrested main suspect is a well-known lawyer who represents main drug traffickers including Harak Kata, Kawuma and Makandure Madush.

A senior PNB officer said the suspects have also attempted to give Rs.10 million as a bribe to get the two arrested Customs officials released.

The PNB said the suspects will be produced in the court seeking a court order to remand them for seven days.


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