Letter sent to President over Kurundurmalai lands



Archaeologist Chakravarti Ellawala Medhananda Thera has sent a letter to the President regarding an order given by him to distribute the lands in the vicinity of the historic Kurundi or Kurundurmalai Temple, but not belonging to the temple, among the general public.

In the letter, Medhananda Thera said if the lands around the Temple site fall into the hands of people who support racist struggles, grave repercussions could occur in the area.

The letter said that it was learnt through the media that lands that do not belong to the Kurundi Temple have been handed over to the public and that it is inappropriate to distribute these lands to random personnel as ruins of various Buddhist monasteries are scattered around the site.

It also said that it is inappropriate to release lands near a Buddhist monastery to people who support racist struggles and that this move has been made to create colonies of racists near Buddhist ruins.

Medhananda Thera emphasized in his letter that the ownership of these lands should not be transferred as it appears that the lands have been seized by force and that there is a risk that it may lead to a great destruction in the future.



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