LG bodies under commissioner control if elections are delayed



If the Local Government Election is not held as planned, all Local Government Bodies will be moved under the control of the Commissioner from the 20th of March, as the tenure of the Local Government Institutions ends on that day.

Public Administration & Home Affairs Secretary Neel Bandara Hapuhinna stated that accordingly, the secretaries of local councils and municipal councils as well as municipal commissioners are expected to carry out the administrative activities of those institutions.

The petition filed against holding of the local government election is scheduled to be called up at the Supreme Court on Thursday (23).

Based on the decision taken by the Supreme Court, the election commission will meet on Friday (24) and take a decision.

As of now, the postal poll related to the election has been postponed indefinitely due to the failure of the government printer to deliver the required ballot papers.

The Government Printer took that step due to the non-payment of the required money for printing ballot papers.

Recently, Sri Lanka’s National Election Commission informed the Supreme Court that obstacles have arisen with regard to conducting the Local Government Election on the 9th of March 2023 as planned.



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