LG polls was announced legally – Elections chief



The Chairman of the National Election Attorney Nimal Punchihewa said the Local Government Election was called for legally as per the country’s constitutions and the election law.

He told News 1st on Thursday (23) that all members of the National Election Commission consented to the Local Government Election Process.

He said that given that funds were not being provided to continue with the election process, the National Election Commission will meet on Friday (24) to reach a final decision on the Local Government Election 2023.

The statement came from the Elections Chief after Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe told Parliament on Thursday (23) that the country’s National Election Commission has not legally called for an election, and there are no funds to conduct an election.

Commenting on the debate requested by the opposition on postponing the election, the President said there is no election for one to be postponed.

The President said the proposed Parliament Select Committee must be appointed to inquire into the Election Commission and the Local Government Election.



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