Livestock producers demand controlled price for chicken



The National Livestock Producers Union said that there should be a controlled retail price for chicken.

Its Chairman Sujeewa Dhammika said that a kilo of chicken which was between Rs.1,200-Rs.1300 has increased to Rs.1,600-Rs.1,800.

However, the farmers said that despite the increase in the retail price of chicken, a kilo of chicken is sold at Rs.850-Rs.1,200 in the wholesale market and that there has been no increase in the wholesale price so far.

A farm owner spends about Rs.800-Rs.900 to produce a kilo of chicken and they have to be taken care of for 45 days.

The farm owners alleged that the profit they receive is less than Rs.300 but unscrupulous vendors receive a profit of about Rs.400. Despite this, the farm owners said that they are being accused by various people of raising the price of chicken.

They pointed out that there is a distortion of the retail price of chicken in the market and therefore it is essential to establish a fixed price.


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