Feb 11, 2018

‘Public opposition is clear for failing to deliver promises’ Featured

Failure to properly deliver the promises given at the last presidential and general elections is the reason for the performance at the LG polls, which the government finds unpalatable, a senior UNP minister told Sri Lanka Mirror.

The president’s continuing attack on the UNP for the past few months has had an adverse impact on the party’s vote base, he said.

Had the UNP leadership responded appropriately, the election result could have been different, said the minister.

The president has done serious damage by accusing the UNP and its leadership without proving anything, he went onto say.

Certain advisors to the president exacted personal revenge on the UNP leader, he said, adding that those advisors should be held responsible for the downfall of both the UNP and the alliance led by the SLFP at the election.

The UNP minister added that the party’s working committee would take crucial decisions for a reorganization of the party, while taking the Central Bank bond matter to courts.