Local politicians saddened when Julie Chung being criticized: Wimal



When President Ranil Wickremesinghe gave consent to the agreements of Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Julie Chung, the activists of Aragalaya were silent, Supreme Lanka Coalition Chairman and National Freedom Front Leader MP Wimal Wirawamsa said.

He said this while addressing the May Day rally of the Supreme Lanka Coalition which was held yesterday (01) at the Hyde Park Ground in Colombo.

Addressing the May rally, he said when Julie Chung is being criticized, Champika and Sarath Fonseka seemed hurt.

“This is the new way of regime change. Plan “A” was to get the Speaker’s consent to set up an interim government with local and foreign representatives. Fonseka is hurt because he was also to be appointed as one of the members. This is the new strategy to conquer us,” he said.

Puppet rule…..

“They want to control us like puppets. Otherwise, we will be destroyed like Haiti, Libya and Iraq. Victoria Nuland came after Ranil became President. Two weeks after she arrived, on February 14, a special US mission of 20 people arrived. The head of the CIA and an official in charge of this region of the US State Department arrived in two of their planes.”

Those who came through VIP terminal requested to tap our phones….

“They were given high privileges. They made four requests and Ranil agreed to three of them. That’s why Julie Chang is completely silent right now.

“The first request was to tap into our telephone cable system. The next one was to put a CIA official in charge of the National Intelligence Service. Third one is to allow software to capture bio data of all passengers passing through the airport. Consent was given to all these three proposals. The last one is adding an amendment to the SOFA agreement to allow US security personnel to roam freely inside Sri Lanka. President Wickremesinghe says that this request will be discussed further,”


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