Main suspect in brutal murder of five in Delft arrested



The police arrested the main suspect in the murder of five people in a house in the Delft area in Jaffna, last night (22 April).

Police media spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa stated that three gold necklaces, two pairs of gold bangles, eight rings, one pair of earrings, a gold pendant and two mobile phones were found in possession of the 51-year-old suspect.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the suspect had returned to Sri Lanka after living in Germany for about 20 years.

He was found in a house in the Punkudutivu area, the police said.

Five persons were found hacked to death in a house in the Delft area in Jaffna last morning (22 April).

Accordingly, three females and two males were found brutally hacked to death, while another female was admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital after sustaining serious cut injuries.

The injured woman has also been identified to have returned to Sri Lanka from abroad.

Police mentioned that all the victims were adults and that it was revealed in the investigations that they all were relatives.


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